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About PolitiKIT

A research report by SBM intelligence about the perception of Nigerians about our country’s democracy observed that young people between the ages of 18 to 40 are the least involved and the least interested in political issues or in engaging in democracy. In Nigeria today, youths are predominantly locked out of the decision-making room of politics, and over the years, the average young person has gradually lost interest in politics. For young people who want to get involved, it is a long journey to meaningful participation and the information is simply not available. More importantly, the barriers to participation are huge.

Also, in the wake of the global pandemic, activities of a lot of organizations have become virtual and only organizations who are able to adapt by continuing a reasonable part of their activities virtually have been sustainable. For political parties in Nigeria, this is not the case.

PolitiKIT is an attempt to plug the gaps that hinder young people from participating, foster open political party participation, increase political participation in Nigeria, and provide all information needed by young people to participate.